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"Coast 2 Coast are an excellent and highly reliable collaborative partner across our 27 school sites.”
Janet Downey - Riverside School District

“Coast 2 Coast will deliver an energetic boost of fun to your program that should definitely help with attendances.”
Sandra Johnson - SAY San Diego

“Our site managers think very highly of Coast 2 Coast and appreciate the professionalism and punctuality of the coaches.”
Patrick Garcia - Monrovia Unified School District

“Coast 2 Coast offers a program at a reasonable price and its quality is very strong.”
Janie Bark - Palm Desert YMCA

Coast 2 Coast unquestionably have a solid reputation and definitely live up to it"

Jeff Cannon - Saddleback Valley Unified School District Director of After School

“The great thing is they handle everything from the flyers, to the set up, even down to taking attendance every week.“
Mark Quiroz - Claremont School District

“This year, we were particularly impressed by your staff presenting their curriculum plan to our staff before every session. Coast 2 Coast work to tailor their program to our needs.”
Jose De Anda – Carlsbad Kids Care

“Our middle-school students were particularly happy to have professional coaches give them personal tips for improvement.”
Pam Brasher – Santee School District

“The children participating in our Coast 2 Coast program absolutely love it. Children learn great new soccer skills and techniques.”
Sharon Velarde - Carpinteria School District

“The coach was great with our students and knows exactly how to reach them mentally and physically.”
Stacy Tafoya - Edison Bethune Elementary, FCOE

“Coast 2 Coast coaches are experienced, professional and enthusiastic. Our site coordinators were delighted with their interaction.”
Ken Dyar - Delano Unified School District

“Although Coast 2 Coast is not a multi-sport program, we find that soccer works. Kids throughout our program love soccer.”
Donna Watson - Hueneme Elementary School District

“The Coast 2 Coast management staffs are organized, very detailed and show initiative. Coast 2 Coast regularly called our school sites.”
Nancy Puckett - Kernville School District

“The organizational skills exhibited by their coaches are rarely seen with other programs by offered by our District.”
Jim Blackwell - Lamont School District

“Coast 2 Coast really emphasizes ‘Having Fun’ using well-designed games and World Cup Scrimmages.”
Kelly Richers, Wasco Union Elementary School District

“Children at my school site have improved their skills and their love for the sport has grown.”
Brad Fisher - Earhart Elementary, Desert Sands Unified

“Coast 2 Coast is fun for both kids who are experienced players and kids new to the game.”
Tara Clark – Parent, Carlsbad

"Coast 2 Coast has been an invaluable asset. The program is run in a professional manner and the students really enjoy it."

Dottie Hughes - City of Huntington Beach

“I liked your focus on hydration and proper nutrition.  I preach it at home and it is good for my daughters to hear it from the pros.” 
Cynthia Miranda - Parent, Carlsbad

“Best camp we've ever been to. I highly recommend it."
Linda Moynan - Parent, Carlsbad

“From an administrative standpoint, Coast 2 Coast are the gold standard. They excel at timely follow through for all deliverables.”

Amanda Brockman – City of Redondo Beach

“Myself as well as other parents were blown away by this camp and the unbelievable strides our children have made. Your coaches are spectacular.”
Gary Merten – Parent, Torrance

“As parents, we really appreciated the content of respect and sportsmanship that the coaches taught.”  

Stephanie & Chris Ontiveros – Parents, Huntington Beach

"Coast 2 Coast are friendly, professional and enthusiastic about their mission to promote a fun and healthy environment where children learn soccer."

Dan Jassim – City of Culver City

“My daughter Annika thought this was the best program ever and we are definitely going to be signing up again.”
Brigitte Lundrigan - Parent, Carlsbad

“Coast 2 Coast staff and owners have exceeded our expectations year on year. We love the age appropriate curriculums” 

Jordan Heller – City of Encinitas

"The coach’s interaction with their students makes one wonder who is having more fun, the kids or the coaches."

Mark Murphy - Parent, Big Bear

“Coast 2 Coast are helpful, reliable and pleasant to work with. We especially appreciate your efforts in promotion.”

Kate Steinberger – Laguna Hills, Community Services Senior Leader

“The coaches were so genuine and had so much integrity and compassion. They were so great with the kids.  Teaching them proper nutrition was great.”
Alice Hubbard – Parent, Santa Monica

“Great, positive attitude on the part of coaches and kids; very well organized; good mix of skills and play.”
Lisa Ellis – Parent, Carlsbad

“Coast 2 Coast staff are conscientious, well organized and skilled in the program that they teach.”

Sherry Murphy - Dana Point Recreation Supervisor

“I liked the frequent water breaks and the emphasis on eating fruit for a snack. The coaches were outstanding!!”
Martee Andresen – Parent, Santa Barbara

"Coast 2 Coast did an excellent job, we received numerous compliments on the way the program was run."

Carl Kaemerle - City of Torrance

“As my sons first formal experience playing soccer, he had a great time and has been working on his passing since camp.”

Sarah Little - Parent, Redondo Beach

“I was very impressed with how the staff always made an effort to remembering our daughters name from the very first day.”
Anne & Dave Talbot – Parents, Big Bear

“The week ending parent/child game has proven to be an excellent way to end the camp on Friday afternoons. The feedback from parent surveys has been excellent.”
Jeff Smith – City of Santa Barbara

“This was my daughter's first sports program ever. I was especially impressed with your coaches’ ability to "handle" and engage even very young children (not always an easy task!).”
Thess Pimenta – Parent, Redondo Beach

“C2C hosted my son's 9th birthday and it was the best. 2 hours of non stop fun and games and all I had to do was sit back and watch and enjoy.”
Kara Houlihan, Parent – Huntington Beach

"Coast 2 Coast are an excellent and highly reliable collaborative partner across our 27 school sites.”
Janet Downey - Riverside School District

Events on 1/25/2011

Start DateTitleDescription
Monday, January 17, 2011Newport BeachNewport Beach After School Program
Tuesday, January 18, 2011Huntington BeachHuntington Beach After School Program

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